Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DeFabulous Acai Oil Treatment for hair

I was sent a bottle of this oil recently and have just got around to trying it - why did I wait so long!! It is truly incredible. You apply a small drop after washing your hair and it smooths and softens hair without weighing it down or making it greasy, giving it a healthy, almost glassy shine. I LOVE it. It will now become one of my most used products, I have no doubt!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An edgy but not overdone evening makeup

I've been noticing lately (even more than usual) that a lot of celebrities are wearing far too much makeup. I'm all for a smoky eye but it needs to be balanced by glowy skin and natural looking lips or it starts to stray into drag queen territory and the only people that makeup looks good on IS drag queens! It can also be incredibly aging - I've seen some pictures recently of 25 year olds where they look like they are over forty and extras on Dynasty....not a good look!

Here is how to do evening makeup with an edge but not overdone:

Photo: Richard Wright

Firstly start with a glowy luminizing tinted moisturizer (I will recommend products at the end) and blend all over the face. Conceal where necessary and set with a light layer of very fine powder to take away shine but without dulling the glow.
Start your eyes with a base of satiny or matte bone coloured powder shadow on the lids into just above the crease. Next line upper and lower lashlines with a black eyeliner and smudge slightly. Line inside the eyes with a metallic eyeliner such as a silver or gunmetal. Now go over the upper and lower lashlines with a glittery black or metallic gunmetal powder shadow and blend outwards. Finish with a couple of coats of thickening black mascara.
Dust a highlighting champagne colored highlighting powder for light skin or bronze for dark skin on to the highest point of the cheekbones, on the temples and a little down the center of the nose. If you really can't live without blush put the lightest amount of pale pink or peach for light skins or plum for dark skins on the apples of the cheeks and blend until it's almost gone.
Outline the cupids bow of your lips with a flesh colored shimmer pencil to give fullness and definition and then fill in with a nude colored gloss or satin lipstick.
This is a striking look but evens out the heavy eyeshadow with natural skin and lips, and this can make you look years younger.

Product recommendations:

Luminizing tinted moisturizer: Jouer Luminizing Tint
Concealer: Face Stockhom Blemish and Capillary Concealer
Fine Powder: Alison Raffaele  Translucent Finishing Powder
Highlighting Powder: VS Bronzer/Highlighter Trio
Eyeliner: Givenchy Magic Kajal in 1
Inner Lid Liner: Korres Soft Liner Pencil in 5 Silver (available at Sephora too)
Sparkly Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Stardust  in Void or Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Designer in Smoky Design
Mascara: Makeup Forever Smoky Lash
Cupids bow shimmer: Guerlain Lipliner in Cupidon
Nude gloss: Eden Gloss by
Nude satin/sheer Lipstick: Becca  Sheer Liptint in Gisella

(All products were provided to me)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anastasia's Expert Tips For Great Eyebrows!

Eyebrow Guru and Beauty Expert, Anastasia Soare, Is Getting Hollywood’s A-List Golden Globes Ready!

January 6, 2010 (Los Angeles, CA) – Beverly Hills’ most sought-after brow expert, Anastasia Soare, is a must for any A-Lister walking the red carpet. Along with her signature brow shaping techniques, Anastasia also has a new line of versatile products that go beyond the brow, providing stars with the perfect total eye area. Using her Highlighting Brow Kit and Lash Lifting Mascara, Anastasia’s signature eyebrows give her clients instant face lifts by creating what she has coined the “Perfect Triangle” in the eye area. This year, Anastasia will be perfecting the brows of Golden Globe nominees Penelope Cruz, Julianna Margulies, and Paula Patton.

Anastasia’s tips on how to get Red Carpet Ready:

How many days/weeks before a big event should you have eyebrows done? Why this period of time?
“We never want to schedule brow shaping’s for actresses the day before or the actual day of an event because there is too much running around between fittings, hair and makeup and your skin can become very sensitive to wax after a facial or with the application of makeup right after a shaping. I prefer 3-6 days before as this gives the skin enough time to be even with the skin tone of the face. When we remove hair with wax the dead skin is “exfoliated” off and can be slightly lighter in pigment for a day or two. In addition, in the event that there is any redness at all we want to be cautious and avoid this by shaping ahead.”

Should brows be natural-looking for a big event?
“Award Shows and red carpet events are really the perfect time to vamp up with a glam look. The stars will be very glamorous and not in everyday clothes so their brows should embody the glamour of Hollywood.”

What will the red carpet trend be for brows during the Golden Globes?

“Brows will follow closely with hair and I have the feeling that the ultra feminine is back thanks to all the Vampire trilogies and True Blood, the starlets will make smoldering choices with clothes, hair and makeup. Brows will be high arched and of a medium to thick shape. We will use pencil and powder to highlight where the brow corners as well as the beginning and end of a “power shape”. Think of Dita Von Teese as a modern example of your ideal Golden Globes brow at this time. It is a little much for day to day but for this event, it will work perfectly in tune with the style I am going for. I have been looking over lots of Erte’s work to get inspired for the right brow and as I mentioned it’s all about glamour.”

Anastasia has two brow studios in Los Angeles, one in Beverly Hills, and a brand new full service salon that opened this month in Brentwood. Anastasia also has satellite mini brow studios in Sephoras throughout the country. Top products include Lash Lifting Mascara, Brow Enhancing Serum, Brow Duality and 5 Elements Brow Kit, available at Nordstrom and Sephora nationwide and on Celeb clients include Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, and many others.


(Products were provided to me)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Press Release for Tria Beauty hair removal system - the only PERMANENT at home hair removal system



First and Only At-Home Device to Deliver Permanent Results

January 11, 2010 — Dublin, CA — TRIA Beauty, the leader in light-based therapeutic beauty devices, today announced it received an additional over-the-counter (OTC) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its flagship product, TRIA Laser Hair Removal System (LHRS). The TRIA laser is now FDA-cleared for permanent hair reduction, making it the first and only at-home hair removal device clinically proven to deliver permanent results.

“Our new FDA-clearance validates the superiority of TRIA laser over other at-home hair removal systems,” said Kevin Appelbaum, CEO of TRIA Beauty. “This announcement is a testament to the advanced engineering and patented design intelligence that is the essence of TRIA Beauty.”

According to a recent Dermatology Times survey, 82% of dermatologists prefer lasers to any other technology to achieve permanent hair removal. TRIA LHRS is the only at-home hair removal device on the market that utilizes a diode laser, the same technology used in professional laser hair removal systems and still considered the gold-standard treatment. In fact, the TRIA LHRS was developed by the scientists who invented the professional technology more than a decade ago.

The TRIA LHRS first received FDA clearance in February 2008 and has been recognized by industry authorities like Allure, WWD Beauty Biz, and Advertising Age for its game-changing innovation. In late 2009, TRIA Beauty launched a second generation TRIA LHRS that provides more power settings for improved comfort and performance. The second generation TRIA laser is sold at a 40% lower price than the original, making permanent hair reduction even more affordable to consumers.

This additional OTC clearance for TRIA LHRS comes just a day after TRIA Beauty received OTC clearance from the FDA for a proprietary hand-held blue light device designed for at-home use for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. The new TRIA blue-light device is 10 times more powerful than other at-home blue light devices, continuing TRIA Beauty’s heritage of innovation in beauty. It will be part of a dermatologist-validated system that will launch in Spring 2010.

The TRIA LHRS is priced at $595 and is available at as well as on QVC, and at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, STUDIO at Fred Segal, Bliss Spas and select physician offices.

About TRIA Beauty

TRIA Beauty, formerly known as SpectraGenics, brings home the very best in light-based skincare products. In 2008, TRIA Beauty revolutionized the hair removal industry with the first and only FDA-cleared laser hair removal system available for at home use, the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. In 2010 TRIA Beauty will launch a clear skin system featuring FDA-cleared blue light technology that offers the most effective therapeutic dose of blue light for at-home use. FDA-cleared, clinically proven and easy to use, TRIA Beauty is committed to real science with beautiful results.
TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

(Tria have provided me with a system that I am currently trying out)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My top 25 must have products for 2010

Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to try out a myriad of products. These are my top 25 - some are new on the market and some are old favorites but all of them are now in my kit or my bathroom!

In no particular order:

  1. Hourglass Fluid Veil  - this is my foundation of choice for my clients and myself. Every client I've tried it on has gone out immediately to buy it!
  2. Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask  - I've almost finished my jar of this. It's especially great for those nights when you know you won't get enough sleep but want to look like you have the morning after!! 
  3. Defabulous Clipless Curling Irons  - I like my hair to look at bit beachy, a bit rocker, and with these it has never been so easy. I never look like my hair has been done, just effortlessy tousled.
  4. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream  - since I discovered this amazing styling cream I haven't had a bad hair day!MOROCCAN OIL: HYDRATING STYLING CREAM FOR ALL HAIR TYPES 10.2 OZ
  5. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser  - this is the Rolls Royce of cleansers/makeup removers in my opinion. It cleanses makeup and the days grime off thoroughly but gently and leaves skin soft and glowing.
  6. Colorscience Pro Corrector Kit  - this has fast become one of my kit essentials and one of my clients wanted one as soon as she saw it. It is a powder concealer kit that corrects everything from dark circles under the eyes to skin discolorations - genius!
  7. Janson Beckett Alpha Derma CE  - as anyone who has read my blog knows, I LOVE this moisturizer! It tightens and smooths skin instantly and with continued use diminishes lines and wrinkles.Alphaderma CE 4 fl oz
  8. Talika Eye Decompress  - I was sent these little gems just before the holidays last year and they were my saviour. Whenever I felt (or worse looked!) tired I popped one on for 10 mintues and they immediately rid me of dry lines and dark circles under my eyes.
  9. Covergirl Exact Liner  - I think I must've bought out Covergirl's stock of this last year! The quality is that of a much more expensive range but is very affordable. It creates a dense line easily with it's felt tip formula.
  10. Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup For Face And Body Spf 15 Creamy Vanilla  - this is an amazing base that I use to cover all sorts of things from blemishes to tattoos. It is completely waterproof but is lightweight and can be used all over to create a long lasting base.
  11. Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette - It has been a long time since I was so excited over an eyeshadow palette but when I saw these I begged for all of the shades! There are 4 different color ways but all of them have the most gorgeous glitter shadow in them. It is very subtle with minute sparkles but turns any eyeshadow instantly into a glamorous evening look.
  12. St. Tropez Gradual Tan for Face - I have just started using this and already I can tell it will be a staple in my makeup bag. It gives a really natural looking glow in a few hours and you can build it into a deeper color with repeated use.
  13. Glowelle Beauty Drink - I took this for 30 days and I swear it has improved my skin. I definitely have less lines and my skin looks dewy. It's worth a try!Glowelle Powder Raspberry Jasmine 30 Day Powder Stick Pack, 30-Count Box
  14. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal  - An at home laser hair removal system. An unbelievable price for a simple system that removes hair permanently. No more expensive salon vists - EVER!
  15. Nu Face - I've had this hand held facial toning system for a while now and after I use it people always ask me if I've had some work done - should I let them into my secret??NuFace Microcurrent Toner for Lifting and Toning the Face
  16. Neil George Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil - Not only does this smell beautiful, it has also banished my dry ends. My friend asked me what it was that I was using as my hair looked much better, I didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted?!
  17. Luminess Air - I had been resisting airbrushing until I came across this compact little system. I am now officially a convert! So easy to use (on yourself and others) and gives the most professional finish and flawless looking base. It can also be used to even out skin tone all over the body.Luminess Air® Airbrush BEAUTY System - BC-100
  18. Fake Bake Instant Self-Tanning Spray - A tan in a can! So quick and effortless to apply. I spray this on before a night out and can get dressed straight away as it dries instantly (quick tip - blend any areas that you sprayed too heavily with a small dark towel to even it out).
  19. Orlane Light Box - If you are looking for a gift for a girl or for yourself (you deserve it!) don't look any further than this. I love this series of treatments to brighten skin before a special night out. It leaves you looking radiant and feeling pampered.
  20. Guerlain Parure Powder Foundation - Such an amazing powder foundation. It covers well but leaves skin looking luminous. Perfect for touch ups throughout the day or night too.
  21. Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara - This is the mascara whose unusual brush stirred the beauty world. It looks like a medieval torture system but gets to every little lash providing immense volume, length and definition.
  22. Karin Herzog Silhouette Anit Cellulite Body Cream - An anti cellulite cream that actually works! Not that I have any of course....Karin Herzog Silhouette Body Cream,4% Oxygen ( 5.18 oz..)
  23. Sibu Beauty Cellular Support Dietary Supplement - I'm becoming a big fan of beauty supplements that work from the inside. I was introduced to this range of products a couple of months ago and am already finding that this is making my nails grow at a rapid rate! I can't wait to see what it does for my skin and hair.Sibu Cellular Support Antioxidant & Omega 7 Complex
  24. B. Kamins Bio-Maple Antipruritic Cream - This cream erdaicated a dry itchy rash I had on the back of my neck in days. A wonder cream methinks!
  25. Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish 2 oz - A definite must have product in my kit. It sets makeup whilst leaving the skin looking dewy and fresh but not shiny. It stops it settling into lines and gets rid of any powdery look.
(I bought some of the above products and some were provided to me)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Neil George Refresh Dry Shampoo - tips from Neil

Dry shampoo is great for work to evening - this dry shampoo can save you that wash you may not have time for. Just apply to hair after work, on your way to a dinner party for a quick pick me up refresher. it will revamp your look.

I find that day old hair actually styles better. Ideally, go a day without a proper scrub, then hit your hair with the dry shampoo, upside down to give your roots lift. For the recessionista, save a day or two extra from your salon blowdry, and use dry shampoo to prolong.

(The above product was provided to me)