Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steps to an easy smoky eye makeup

Most girls like to do a smoky eye for nights out but there is a fine line between a sexy look and a heavy drag queen makeup! Here are the steps to a brownish taupe smoky eye makeup instead of the regulatory black, that never looks too heavy and suits all skin tones....I start by blending a cream eyeshadow/liner all over as a base to keep the rest of the makeup in place and add depth, Smashbox (http://www.smashbox.com/) do a great range for this and I particularly like the shade Putty for this look, they have good metallic ones that would work too.Next Line the top of the lashes with a darker cream liner and blend out, I use Caviar or Midnight Brown for this by Smashbox too. The key to this look is no hard lines. Everything should blend and look feathery. I then go over the shadow base with a shimmery taupe shadow Jouer's (http://www.jouercosmetics.com/ )Amaretto eye shadow is a favorite of mine. Go over the lash line with a fine brush dipped in a dark brown or black eyeshadow and feather it out. Line the lower lashes inside and out with Sephora's (http://www.sephora.com/) chunky eyepencil in 502. You can use this pencil heavily and it looks smoky or lightly during the day for a baby like glisten. Finish with a few coats of black mascara - Fresh (http://www.fresh.com/) Firebird Mascara works perfectly for this look and groom your eyebrows for a polished look.A perfect smoky eye in 5 minutes or less!!

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  1. thanks for this, will give it a shot. i never seem to perfect a smoky, sexy eye makeup.