Sunday, April 4, 2010

My top 10 places in LA for looking and feeling good.

If you live in or are going to visit LA these are the places that you should have in your address book:

  1. The best dermatologist in LA! Dr Daniel Behroozan completely got rid of my Sebaceous Hyperplasia in one visit and makes you feel totally looked after. Nothing is too much trouble.
  2. For one on one personal training you have to go to Laura, she makes you laugh as she puts you through your paces. I actually look forward to working out now!
  3. If you need your hair cut, colored or just blown out, look no further than the gorgeous  Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. You might even see an A lister!
  4. For great facials this is the salon to go to. It's in Santa Monica so you can go for a walk on the beach after and pretend that's where your newfound glow came from!
  5. This beauty studio inside Fred Segal's in Santa Monica is a mecca to all beauty junkies. They sell a range of hard to find beauty products. If you're anything like me you'll spend all day in there.
  6. Okay so this isn't really a beauty place but they do the best frozen yogurt and hey it's good for the digestion! You can mix your own from numerous flavors like island banana and red velvet and add toppings, when I'm being good I have fruit on top!
  7. Pevonia Botanica YSSC Rosacea Skin Pack (Your Skin Care Solution) Not only a lovely place to stay, it's right on the beach but they do an amazing facial with Pevonia products  for rosacea. A great way to come back from your vacation feeling and looking good.
  8.  Are you looking for a brighter smile? Look no further than Dr Eddie Siman of Millenium Dental. Quick and painless and you leave looking years younger.
  9. St. Tropez Self Tanning Gift Set If you are feeling a little pale and in need of a quick glow, take a trip to Kinara Spa for an airbrush St. Tropez tan  It's customized to your skintone and they even do contouring to emphasize those muscles you now have from working out with Laura!
  10. One of my favorite places to relax in LA. Just the setting and the calming sounds of the ocean will help stress melt away and make you look and feel relaxed and you might even get a tan just remember the SPF!


  1. Cant believe you don't have more comments. I got to this blog via a link on the face stocklhom site. I am so very happy i discovered you. Your blog is AWSOME, and I adore you already. Trying hardily to break into the makeup biz. :)

  2. I noticed you mentioned a couple of Santa Monica hair salons. Kudos to the salons there; they're really good ones based on my experiences so far. Have you been to one of these shops? How was your experience so far?