Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All about lips

Most girls I know like to have pouty lips and at least wear gloss most evenings. Here a few tricks that can help you have the prettiest pout about!

First of all, taking care of your lips is the best way to make them look fuller. Flaky dry lips don't look good on anyone! I start by exfoliating them daily with Befine Lip Exfoliator (available at CVS) http://www.befine.com/ which smooths them instantly. I then use Beautifull Lips by http://www.janson-beckett.com/ to moisturize and plump them. If you'd like a more glossy finish Befine Lip Serum is great, it gives a moist shine without being sticky and treats the skin with it's firmimg properties too. For special occasions I sometimes use Lip Injection Intensive Plumping Lip Mask by http://www.toofaced.com/ to give an extra plump rosy look! If you are just preparing your lips as part of your nightly routine I like to give them a nourishing treat by leaving a decent layer of Superbalm by http://www.lizearle.com/ (which is a multi use balm) and leaving it on overnight.

Now that your lips are smooth and plump begin by outlining the cupids bow with a highlighting pencil, I particularly like Benefit's Cupid's Bow Lip Shaper http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/ which has a highlighting pencil on one end and a definer on the other. I use the defining one just under my bottom lip and blend it well. It makes your lips stand out more but I don't recommend lining your whole lips as this tends to make them look smaller. Next I like tp apply a lip stain all over to give a lasting base of color, again Benefit do some great ones, the original Benetint and now Posietint which is a really pretty pink shade. I concentrate color in the center of the lips which gives a natural just bitten look. Now you have a choice of whether to put lipstick or gloss on or just a little balm to keep the look soft and natural. My favorite choice at the moment is to top off with Medieval Lip Treatment by http://www.lipstickqueen.com/ I find this really looks like I have flushed full lips and is natural in a Snow White rosebud lips kind of way! You could also use a lipstick, again Lipstick Queen have an amazing array of colors and textures or a gloss like the ones from Smashbox http://www.smashbox.com/ which are a favorite of my client Terri Seymour. If you want further plumping I highly recommend Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper http://www.freeze247.com/ , in the clear version - it really works!

Now get out there and start pouting xx

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