Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting your makeup on in the back of a moving car!

This is what I had to do today except it wasn't my own makeup it was for Terri! Her schedule had changed and as she had just arrived off of a plane and we didn't have time to stop, I did her full makeup in the car in 10 minutes.

If you get caught out and have to do your makeup on your way to an event (only if you are the passenger PLEASE!) here is how to do it:

First of all get the essential products together in one bag so you aren't hunting for things when you are in a hurry. We aren't talking fancy makeup here, just the basics so you look great when you arrive.
Here is a list of products to gather:

Powder Foundation - this is the quickest way to make your skin look great and as it's in powder form it won't spill or get messy. Apply extra where you need more coverage to omit the need for concealer.

Powder Bronzer - apply this next with a big fluffy brush all over to give you a glow, take it down your neck and decollete too.

A subtle pink, peach or plum blush depending on your skin tone - dust this lightly on your cheekbones to brighten your whole face.

One shade of shimmery neutral eyeshadow - put this all over the lid and up to the crease and blend well for a wide awake look. This is not the time for shading and mixing colors. The shimmer will add enough drama for evening.

Eyeliner pencil in a darkish metallic shade - when the car stops at the light quickly line upper and lower lashes for some definition.

An eyebrow brush or brow gel so you can at least brush your brows into shape.

Mascara - wipe the brush on a tissue so that it doesn't smudge whilst you apply it. Just put one coat on, you can always apply more later at the event.

Lipgloss - in a neutral shade so that if a little goes over the edges it's not a complete disaster.

This should enable you to look fresh and polished when you arrive, no one will ever know how close you were to being caught out!

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