Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love face masks.....

Maybe a little too much as I try out at least several a week! There are a huge selection out there that perform different tasks. Some are for deep cleansing, some repairing, some deeply hydrating and some that perk your skin up - ideal before a night out.

Here is my round up of some of the best:

For deep cleansing and to firm and brighten oily skin I recommend B. Kamins Diotamamus Earth Masque - I found this left my skin feeling exceptionally clean but really soft and bright too.

For a quick fix for tired skin in the morning after a late night or to freshen up before a party Liz Earle Brightening Treatment is perfect. It works in 2 minutes and is a great pick me up.

For skin that is irritated and red try Healing and Soothing Mask by Mario Badescu is amazing. It calms skin down and softens dry patches. I like to use this on shoots when the model has been removing and putting on makeup continuously and her skin needs a break!

For skin that needs purifying after a hectic day in the city Be Fine Warming Clay Mask is ideal. This warming and soothing mask fights the free radicals that have been ravaging your skin all day long.

For skin that is smooth and glowing before a big night out I love Wine Hydrating Mask this gets rid of little fine dryness lines. I find I can go without moisturizer under my base after using this.

For a deeply exfoliating and moisturizing treat use Fresh Sugar Face Polish . It not only leaves your face radiant, refined and moisturized, it smells gorgeous too.

For dehydrated skin under your eyes (I put these on for 10 minutes under my sleep mask at the end of a long flight) I always use Stress Relief Eye Mask these pre-moistened pads really get rid of lines and puffiness and make you look refreshed - even after an 11 hour flight!

I try to use a mask at least 3 times a week and I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately - is it down to masks? Who knows, but I'm going to carry on using them!

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