Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working out

I have just begun working out again so that I can be in shape for the holidays and have some room to eat and drink! That's what holidays are about right??

Anyway, I went to a class tonight run by a celebrity personal trainer - Missy B (she trains the casts of Greys Anatomy and Nip/Tuck). It's only for half an hour and the results are remarkable. It tones, burns fat and builds strength in a short amount of time. The last time I did it regularly I lost 5% body fat in 2 months and didn't have to change my diet at all. I haven't been for a while as I couldn't get there because of work commitments, but having been tonight I am fired up all over again! I will either go to class or do Missy's DVD at home from now on. You can find out further information at BTW that is her in the above picture....see what I mean!!

It works!

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