Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting ready for Summer

If you're anything like me, you've spent the Winter months cocooned in layers of warm clothing (yes even in Southern California!) and need a little help before you shed some of them in public. I like to prepare for this with the help of a few beauty rituals....
First of all you need to start getting your skin into shape by smoothing it with a good scrub a few times a week, I like Coconut Sugar Rub by as it softens and gets rid of the dead skin all at once and smells like a tropical vacation, something I could do with right now! Next shave your legs with a good quality shaving cream (or foam if your prefer) unless you have them waxed and then you can concentrate on your face. I exfoliate it with my Clarisonic Brush and my favorite face wash Clarifying Cleanser by which is great if you have oily skin like me, you can use a wash specifically for your skin type which there are many of by Murad. I now wash my hair and get out of the shower and put on a hair mask like 3 minute mask by Fekkai and cover it with a shower cap. Run a bath and add a creamy bath milk like the ones from and apply a gentle face mask like Rose Petal Mask by I like to have a candle burning to help me relax and to read but if you prefer to just relax now is a good time to put on cotton wool pads that have been soaked in Eyebright lotion by to brighten and refresh tired eyes. Soak for at least 15 minutes to let all the products take effect and then get back in the shower and rinse off. After drying yourself with a soft fluffy towel, massage in a cellulite lotion that has self tan in it - Cellufight by is amazing and apply a self tanner to your face, Solartan by Hourglass is my choice as the color is so believable but subtle. It is a primer but I also like to use it at night so that I wake up glowing! Moisturize and plump your lips with Beautifull Lips by and that completes your skin's beautifying routine. Leave your hair to dry naturally so it gets the full benefit of the treatment and get a good night's rest, Murad sleep reform supplement can help if you have trouble sleeping but consult your Doctor before taking it. You should wake up looking and feeling ready to wear that sundress that has been hiding in the back of your closet!!
Now you've done the prep work and are feeling smooth, fresh and glowing you can get ready for your day with a few simple steps. After your shower smooth Body Firming Cream by all over to keep up the body firming treatment from the night before, if you are going to be out in the sun let it sink in, then apply suntan lotion as usual. Towel dry your hair and then put a little Marine Styling Balm by in for hold, softness and body that won't flake or become gummy in the heat. It also protects the hair and soothes the scalp. Finish your style by spraying with Sunlight Finishing Spray by which keeps it in shape and protects from the any harmful rays. For a fast simple sunny makeup look I start with Highnoon Face Glow by which is a golden tinted moisturizer which gives a really great glow. Then I add some more color with the bronze cream shade from the Illume palette by I put this across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, on the forehead and chin and a little blended well on the eyelids. Use the highlighter shade in the palette on your cheekbones and the inner corner of the eyes for a little shimmer. If you need powder, dust a little on now, I love Translucent Finishing powder by which is so light and sheer you won't feel like you're wearing any at all! Emphasize your eyes by filling in your brows with Brow Pen by which is a liquid pen that stays put all day and a couple of coats of 4 Day Lash Stain by Finish your look with a easy to use gloss pencil in a sheer but bright shade (I like Chinatown Crime) by and your summer glow should last as long as you do!

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