Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 18...Eyebrows

Sorry it's a day late, I've been busy! Anyway here is a quick guide to getting your eyebrows looking good at home - after all they do a lot to define your eyes and face.

I don't recommend waxing at home as this can go wrong all too easily and you could end up without any brows at all - to my UK readers this is very Benidorm girls holiday circa 1989! A good guideline to tweezing is to never reomove above the browline and only take the stragglers out underneath. The thin line of tweezed brows is not a good look and you don't want to have to spend all your time drawing them back in. If you tale a pencil and put it straight against your nose, where it touches your brows is where they should start and if you angle it towards the end of your brows this will give your a rough idea of where they should end. To make tweezing less painful use a good pair of tweezers that won't slip or pinch your skin like Anastasia Tweezers 1 eaAnastasia Tweezers 1 ea and just before you do it, put a hot cloth over them for a minute to open pores and then dab dry. You can also get a few things at the drugstore to numb the pain, look in the aisles that sell eyelashes etc.
After you've got them in shape unless you have perfectly colored and thick brows you may still need some help. There are a lot of options out there for filling in and keeping them in shape. I love Shu Uemura EYEBROW MANICURE 01 FOREST BLACK  Shu Uemura EYEBROW MANICURE 01 FOREST BLACK for my own brows. It comes in a lot of different shades and not only colors but keeps them in place all  night. If you prefer powder for filling in there is a great set by Clarins called Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette. This contains black, brown and blonde powders, wax to shape, highlighter and mini tweezers and tools all in one sleek case. For most brows, fill in with a lighter powder for fullness and then define with the darker shade to give shape. Brush through with a clean mascara brush and then either comb through with brow gel or wax to set.

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