Sunday, December 13, 2009

Days 12 and 13...preparing your outfit and accessories

When it comes to going to a party or big event, I waste a lot of time on the night trying on 20 outfits and then discarding them in my wardrobe a.k.a. the floor! I more often than not end up late, dissatisfied with my outfit and uncomfortable all night. This weekend is the time to go through your clothes and/or buy a new outfit, see what fits and you look good in and see what needs to be done to make it the perfect outfit.
First of all see what skin you'll be exposing i.e back and then you can pay extra attention to making them look as good as possible. If you have a probelm with breakouts on your body, start using a body wash daily for acne prone skin and then spraying with a formula especially for the body such as Murad's Clarifying Body Spray. If you are going to be wearing a mini skirt, you might want to get a fake tan (look for a feature on this in the next few days) or have them waxed (another feature coming soon). You might also want to start doing specific toning exercises for these areas. If your arms are going to be your feature and you have those little hard spots on the skin (called Keratosis Pilaris) start using a treatment now to smooth and minimise them, I like KP Duty Dry Skin Repair Kit.
Now try your outfit on and see what needs to be fixed to make it look amazing. Do you need tape to hold the front in place if it's low cut? How about a stick on gel bra so you can wear a backless dress? Maybe a gel insert to give you a bigger cupsize?? I have just discovered a great company that does all these and more they literally can cover your every need! You can wear the skimpiest outfit with confidence that it'll stay put and you have the support where needed!
What about your shoes? These are the bain of my life, as I love wearing really high heels but hate walking about in them. I have a few things that I use including a blister stick and gel insoles (available at most drugstores). These help with strappy sandals and can prevent blisters. My usual get out is to wear my knee high black boots, they are really high but at least I don't have straps cutting in. They can also bring nearly any outfit up to date. I got mine 2 years ago at Bebe and people still ask me where they are from, so if you get a good classic pair they will last you for years and be a good investment.
Now if I can only follow my own advice I might be on time for once!

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