Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4....getting fit with Laura Hebert

I went to workout today with personal trainer Laura Hebert of and boy did I work out! She put me through a circuit of easy to do, but maximum results exercises, whilst all the time encouraging me and not letting me get away with being lazy. She pushed me just enough so that I properly worked out but not enough to put me off ever exercising again, the sign of a great trainer. In fact I'll be training again with her next week in the outdoor location by the beach....could it get any better??

Here are Laura's tips for getting in shape for that little black party dress:

Holiday Fitness Tips by Laura Hebert, Certified Personal Trainer and Creator of Santa Monica Sweat.
It’s December 4th and you know what that means…It means the holidays are almost here and the parties are starting.Well if you want to look good in that cocktail dress, don’t fear, there’s still time to tighten up! But you’ve got to start NOW! Believe it or not, you can lose 2 – 5 lbs in just a week. Which can be the difference between wearing that cute cocktail dress or that oversized sweater/legging combo.

Here’s a few fitness tips to follow for the next few weeks to get you looking and feeling good for the holidays:

1. Prepare for Victory: Eating healthy can be easy. Maybe not as easy as going through the McDonalds drive-thru…but almost. You know you’ve got to eat, so prepare for it. Go to the market on Sunday. Wash and cut up all your veggies and fruits for the week and grill a few extra chicken breasts when making Sunday night’s dinner. When you come home from work on Monday night and starving, you’re less likely to drive-thru because you’ve got dinner already made!
2. Quality + Quantity: Be on top of your nutrition and watch those portion sizes. There are so many "diets" out there, but I’ve got a simple one for you. Eat real food. Fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains. Eating non-packaged foods is the way to go, especially if you’re serious about fitting into that dress. And TRUST me, you’ll double the results by eating this way until the holidays.
3. 12 by 24: Commit to doing at least 12 workouts by December 24th. That’s about 4 workouts each week. Plan them like you would plan an appointment. Surely, you can find 4 hours in a week to dedicate to your sexifying your body just in time to tell your co-worker you’ve got a secret crush on him!

Here’s your fitness assignment:
Strength Workout (2 -3 times per week)
Perform the following exercises in the order below without resting in between. After completing the reverse lunges, rest 1 minute and then repeat the whole set 3-4 times.Jumping Jacks, 1 minuteSquats, 15-20Push up, 10-15Step up, 12-15 on one leg, then switch legs and repeatDips, 12-15Reverse Lunge, 12-15 on one leg, then switch legs and repeat* Complete entire set above, rest 1 minute, and then repeat set 3-4 times. Remember to stretch when you’re done!

Cardio Workout (2-3 times per week)
Do a cardio workout 2-3 times a week. Choose any type of cardiovascular exercise you prefer. You want to do at least 40 minutes at a steady pace. You should be able to keep that pace throughout the entire session, while still challenging yourself. For faster results make it 60 minutes! Your second cardio workout should include intervals. For example, if you’re running, jog for 2 minutes, and then crank up the pace for 30 seconds, and then come back down to a jog for 2 minutes. Keep that going through the whole session and you’ll burn major calories! And if you get in that 3rd workout, choose either steady state cardio or interval cardio.

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