Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day sleep

In preparation for the coming holiday parties and get togethers, now is the time to make the most of your beauty sleep. I've put together a list of products and ideas to help you look fresh and get through party season without it showing on your face!
  • Try to get your 8 hours a night if possible in the run up to the holiday season. Make sure your room is at a good temperature for optimal sleep, not too hot or cold and with blackout curtains. It gets light pretty early now so unless you get up at 5am it helps to block out the light!

  • Sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps guard against those creases that you can wake up with on your face as it has that slippy factor - unlike cotton which molds to your face. It also helps stop your hair getting frizzy overnight.

  • Keep a glass of water by your bed in case you wake dehydrated, but try not to drink a lot at least an hour before you sleep so that you don't have to get up during the night - if you get my drift?!

  • If you have trouble sleeping there are a lot of over the counter remedies and also Melatonin which is a natural hormone that induces sleep (check with your Doctor before taking any remedies though). I also have tried and like Murad Sleep Reform Dietary Supplement which contains Melatonin but also vitamins, minerals and REM Matrix with GABA which encourages muscle relaxation and in turn relaxes wrinkles (please check with your Doctor before starting this too).

  • There are a lot of products out there that are especially for overnight use. This is the time when your skin regenerates itself and products get to work without interference from the elements.

  • Good ones to try are: Nocturnal Lifting Mask by Sampar I've been using this and it's not at all greasy as you may expect. It dries on and you rinse it off in the morning. It leaves the face feeling more toned and smooth and glowing with health. Eye Dream by Talika is an eye mask that regenerates the delicate skin around the eye contour area. It diminishes puffiness and leaves the skin throughly moisturized. Although this is not specially formulated for night use, I like to use Orlane's Extreme Line Reducing Lip Care just before I go to sleep. I put a generous layer on and around my lips so that it can work it's magic overnight. For your hair try John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Overnight Creme Serum. It's an easily absorbed treatment that leaves no residue on your pillow. It mends and strengthens hair while you sleep and doesn't need rinsing in the morning.

If you follow some of these tips you should wake refreshed and looking more alert and vibrant and ready to face the next party!

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