Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Days 8 and 9....hands & feet

Sorry day 8 is a day late! I had 3 jobs yesterday and I was sooooo tired I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to write when I got home. So here are days 8 and 9 together!

Hands can be the first thing to give away your age. Most people make sure they look after their facial skin but neglect their hands, and considering the beating they get with the elements and just general use, they need looking after too! I suggest you start by changing from washing with soap to a moisturizing hand wash as soap can be very harsh and drying. Next twice weekly use an exfoliating treatment to smooth the skin - Talika's Kit Rituel Des Mains contains an exfoliating gel and serum that works to eliminate dryness and brighten the skin lessining age spots. I find it best to do this just before bed so the products have a chance to work properly.
Using a hand cream daily is also essential, try to use one every time you wash your hands. I like Hand Perfection Complete Day Cream by This was developed by an ex hand model and really works.
If your hands are really dry you could also try Hand Therapy Gloves These gloves feel strange (they were developed using post surgery healing technology) but after wearing them for half an hour the results are amazing! Your hands feel baby soft and there is no trace of greasiness. I wear them whilst watching TV!
There will be no point in taking great care of your hands and using all these treatments if you don't protect them from the elements, so during the cold weather wear gloves and if you are somewhere sunny make sure you put SPF on them too!

If you intend to wear sandals to any of your holiday parties you better start attending to them now! If you are anything like me they have been bundled up in boots for a couple of months now and need a little help if they are to make an appearance.
From today make sure you scrub them in the shower with a moisturizing body wash and exfoliating gloves, the body shop do great ones as does the Rescue Beauty Lounge . Get rid of rough skin on the heels and sole with a foot file or ped egg while the skin is still soft from the warm water and then slather on a cream especially designed to eradicate the thick, dry skin like Pedi-Cream which softens calluses, soothes skin and cools hot,tired feet after a long day of Christmas shopping!
Another great thing to do, is to put a thick layer of foot cream (on clean feet!) last thing at night and then put some cotton socks on to help it absorb,without getting it all over your sheets.

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